JOCAVI’s presence on the Spanish market dates back to 1820 through a reputable tailor's shop run by successive members of the Canals family.

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In 1954, Josep Canals Vila, head of the tailor's at the time and future founder of JOCAVI, envisioned a new model of cloth jacket that was very comfortable and versatile which started to be marketed in the area near to Barcelona through a small network of agents. At the time he was spearheading the spread of the brand’s future identity in casualwear.

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In 1973, the JOCAVI brand began to take hold across Spain, as the company became a pioneer in the design, manufacturing and stone-washing of denim garments.

In successive seasons, the legendary brand broke onto the market in a big way, introducing patchwork jeans, followed by jeans with backstitching and original colour appliqués, which will remain forever in our collective memory of the sexy, sassy style of the late 1970s.

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JOCAVI collections gradually started to focus on casual, easy-going designs with an unsurpassable finish and patterns that proved quite addictive for women who wanted to be fashionable but at the same time were highly appreciative of the small details that make clothes comfortable.

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JOCAVI remained true to its style and its capacity to continuously readapt itself to what women were asking for, with new looks and subtle innovations in both its jean line and other garments, which by now had grown into a vast collection. During these years the company evoked surprise and admiration from women not only in Spain but in many other countries across Europe, as they experienced the soft feel of garments made from Tencel or nappa leather, with the brand’s characteristic finishes and washes.

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In 2009, JOCAVI left most casualwear companies struggling to catch up when it created the SBELT JEANS line, a small collection of exceptional quality trousers with the unique feature of allowing the customer to drop a size by incorporating the latest advances in textile manufacturing to the wearability and comfort of jeans.


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